2020-02-16 Qualification for World Championships


2020-02-16 Qualification for World Championships

✔️ High limit

My first competition with Mare & Fei! On the 16th of february 2020 we finally could try to qualify for the World Championships. And we did so with three routines scoring above 27, and the highest total score of the day. Even though we had missed the previous qualification moment due to my broken thumb metacarpal, the Local Technical Commission of our country agreed we had proven ourselves worthy of becoming delegation members. The limit to reach was 78,900 and we scored a total of 82,220. This meant we were qualified for Worlds!

Edit : in March it was decided that due to the COVID-19 outbreak the World Championships of 2020 would be postponed untill an unknown date in 2021. Subsequently our federation decided the qualification results were also deemed invalid, and new qualifications would be held on a later date.


Balance 17,600 8,600 1,140   27,340 82,220
Dynamic 17,900 8,700 0,830   27,430
Combined 17,300 8,650 1,500   27,450


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