2020-04-18 till 19 Virtual Tigers Acro Cup


2020-04-18 till 19 Virtual Tigers Acro Cup


Because of the Corona pandemic our season came to a screaching halt. We were confined to our homes and trainings were not allowed, let alone competitions. The International Tigers Acrobatics Cup and S & G Media joined forces to come up with a new idea: a virtual competition!! We sent in the official footage of our february competition, and judges from around the world judged the videos from teams from all international competitors. All videos were broadcast on the internet through a "livestream" on saturday and sunday. Afterwards, all judges sent in their top-fives of each category and routine, and on monday an online award ceremony was held. We won silver for every routine, and were very satisfied with our results. Such a great way to feel the competition-fever again while staying safely at home!

Scores were not given, only virtual medals. We won silver for balance, dynamic and combined.




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