Coaches and Workshops

Coaches Acro Academy


Acro Academy Noord Nederland is an elite acrobatics club from The Netherlands. Iris Roffel, Jorrit Veenstra and Kim Vrij-Bokma, all in this photo, are my head coaches. Other coaches are Gerjan van Werven, Ester van der Veen, Marissa van der Ploeg and Amber Bosma (who was still a gymnast in this photo). I am very grateful for my coaches guiding me to this level!


Dmitrii Vinnikov


Dmitrii Vinnikov is a Russian top-coach who coached several world champions to their titles. He has been working with my club Acro Academy for the past few years, so on at least five of six occasions I was able to work with him for a period of time. He gives great advice! The last time he came, december 2019, we trained with him 8 times in a few days.


Ellie Cooper


Ellie Cooper is a former world class gymnast, dancer and now coach & choreographer at the British club Spelthorne Gymnastics. In december 2019 we visited their club, where she choreographed a brand new Balance routine for my senior womens group with Mare Blaam & Fei Oudhof. In februari 2020 she visited our club, and did cleanings of both her own and our other choreographies. We love her work!


Ineke, Kaat & Julie


Ineke van Schoor, Kaat Dumarey & Julie van Gelder were big examples for me!! This senior womens group from Belgium were World Cup gold winners, and were champions of the European Games as well as the European championships. So when they announced they would come to the Netherlands and give a workshop, I really wanted to attend! They gave me great tips for my mexican!


Sergey Tretjakov


Sergey Tretyakov is a Russian top-coach that is now the Head coach of Belgium. He coached many champions, and I was allowed to come to his workshops in The Netherlands. He gave me great advice.


Neil Griffiths


Neil Griffiths is a wonderful coach from Great Brittain. He visited my former club Adonis Sportsacrobatics a few times. One of the things he really taught me is perseverence: I can do anything if I set my mind to it!


Chris Rogers


This one was kind of an accident, haha! I was going to do another workshop when I met a few friends that told me Chris Rogers was at the event, but they didn't have a top partner and so no complete team. So we partnered up, never having worked together, and as their top I joined his workshop! Even though we were not a team, he managed to give us some good pointers to work on!