My current club is AANN : Acro Academy Noord Nederland. This Academy only started on august 1st 2016. They focus only on the very top in Acrobatic Gymnastics. Their goal is to bring acrobatics in our country to a higher level - and to get the Netherlands in the international picture.


Current Team :

Originally I was supposed to be a top in season 2016-2017 in a senior womens group, but in september that team fell apart. Because it was almost impossible to find a European-worthy new bottom on short notice, we decided to think in another direction: the trainers found me a nice little top, Anna, and I became a bottom myself. A bit of a shock, but I like a challenge so I gave everything. We participated in Youth level 8-15 years. Anna and I managed to reach a bronze medal in our very first international tournament MIAC in Portugal in a category of 28 teams, we were so proud! On all national competitions we reached gold and we also became Dutch Champions.
In season 2017-2018 we remained a team, but this time in the A-level Age Group 1 (11-16 years). And THAT age category - in contrast to Youth - can try to qualify for the World Championships! We managed to score above the requested high limit twice in the qualification competitions, and because we are also first in the ranking this means we definitely got to go to the Worlds in Antwerp in april. . There we performed our very best routines in our category of the best 38 teams of the world. In a very exiting final we finally missed the podium by a hairs breadth and became fourth of the world!! We were very proud. We also reached gold on the international tournaments FIAC and IAG as well as on all national competitions, and became Dutch Championships in this category also.
We will have to up our game in season 2018-2019. With Anna I will perform in Age Group II (12-18 years). With an added combination routine together with our dynamic and balance routines our big goal this season will be qualifying for the European Championships 2019 in Israël.

Anna Koster