Before AANN, I was part of the Adonis gymnasts for five years. You can scroll down to see which partners I trained with in those years : I had four different teams in those five years.


Season 2015/2016 & 2014/2015

This was the first time I staid with the same partner for two seasons. David Hozeman and I were a mixed pair in the category Age Group 12-18 yr. With David I really tried to get to the top. And with some success because in 2015 we went to the European Championships in Riesa, Germany, where we missed the finals on 0,25 points. And in 2016 we went to CHINA to go to the World Championships. We scored enough to get into the finals - but unfortunately only one team per country can go there and another Dutch team scored higher...... So again no finals. But just getting there and scoring like we did is something I am VERY proud of!!

David Hozeman

Season 2013/2014

This season I was in a women's group in the category Age Group 12-18 yr. This was quite a step up from the category 10-16, which I did last year, but I liked the challenge. My partners this year were Jessy Huiting and Maud Niessink. Jessy had to go to the European Championships with her old team in the beginning of this season, so we started training as a team relatively late in the season. In our first competition, the Zeestern Trials in Belgium, we still got a silver medal. But a few weeks later disaster struck again: during an accident in training Jessy hurt her elbow and had to go to the hospital. She was not able to train fully for months, and allthough we tried to qualify in the last possible competition, we were not able to go to the National Championships...

Jessy Huiting & Maud Niessink

Season 2012/2013

This season I was in a women's group in the category Age Group 9-16 yr. I was placed in a team with Elise Debruijne and Maud Niessink. We started out in good courage, but rather soon the first hurdle arrived: Elise broke her foot. Because of her cast she could not train fully for months, so we were seriously behind in our progress. We did try to step it up later, but she still suffered from her injury a lot and also got other injuries that interferred with our training. So we were not as succesful as we had wanted to be. Our international competition at the Maia Cup in Portugal did not go very well. I was happy that we at least managed to qualify for the Dutch Championships, were we ended 7th place.

Elise Debruijne & Maud Niessink

Season 2011/2012

My first season as an acrobatic gymnast. The step from artistic to acrobatics was quite a big one, but I really enjoyed it. It was a completely new challenge to me. My partner was Stein Briggen, who had just changed from acrobatic top to bottom, so had to get used to his new role also. But we did very well together in the category Age Group 9-16 yr! My first ever acrobatic competition was in Belgium, the Zeestern Trials where we ended 2nd place. I also went with Stein to the Chmielewski Tournament in Poland, where we managed to reach 3rd place. In the end we won silver at the Dutch Championship, only 0,5 points behind the number 1 who had gone to the Worlds!

Stein Briggen