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Turngala Leek

Once again the Acro Academy was invited to perform at the Gymnastics Gala in Leek. In front of 2000 people we performed our new show-routine with almost the entire Academy. It was also the first time for us to perform some of our new elements! (Photo: © Jan de Koning)

We stay together yet again

Yes!! The trainers decided to keep us a team for a bit longer. Because of my age we will have to go to category age group II (10-18) but our goal is to be the European Championships of 2019. Anna and I will have to work really hard to become as good in this category as we were in age group I!!

Dutch Champions again!

On june 23rd we participated in our countries National Championships again as a team. Last year we became Dutch Championships in the category Youth, this year we became Champions again in Age Group 1 (9-16 yrs). We performed two good routines and were satisfied with our execution!

Personal record score on IAG

We won gold at the IAG international tournament. With our final exercise we managed to win from our Israeli (and other countries, but Israel was closest) opponents. But we were even more happy about our score!! For the first time in my acrobatic career we scored more than 28 points: we became first with a score of 28,100.

FOURTH on World Championships

We went to the World Age Group Competitions (the World Championships for age category 11-16 years) and had a wonderful competition!! We were really really proud of our balance and dynamic routines in the qualifications and really competed for a place on the podium! In the end we just missed it by a hair’s breadth and placed fourth. We are extremely proud and feel like we really gave our very best on this world stage! Fourth of the entire world!!

Qualified for Dutch Championships

Meanwhile the Dutch national competition has started. On the qualification competition in Oss on march 11 we performed two good routines and placed for the Dutch Championships, which will be held in Ahoy, Rotterdam on june 24th.

Training with Dmitrii Vinnikov

In our holiday we had multiple training sessions where the Russian Topcoach Dmitrii Vinnikov was giving training. He really helped us a lot with tips and advice. Dmitrii helped us to improve on our routines on our way to the World Championships. We were really grateful for his training.

Gold at FIAC

We were so proud of our routines at Flanders International Acro Cup! Competition was really strong, but we managed to reach gold on this international tournament in Belgium with a personal record score of 27,450 on our dynamic routine!

World Championships, here we come!

With a score of 53,250 we managed to reach the high limit for the second time. And because we are also first in the ranking, this means we qualified for the World Championships 2018 in Antwerp, Belgium!! We are so very happy!

High limit for Worlds!

On december 3rd we had the first qualification for the World Championships. We managed to reach a score of 52,800, which is a point above the high limit! To go to the Worlds we are supposed to get the high limit at least once in december and score at most a point below on a second occasion. So we started out really well!

3 x Gold at BOAC

At our first competition of the season, the Breda Open Acrobatic Cup, we competed against Dutch, German and Belgian teams. We received great points and managed to win gold in Balance, Dynamic AND Allround so we were extremely proud!

Turngala Leek

On november 4th 2017 we participated in a big show during the Turngala in the city of Leek. This great event features big names in artistic gymnastics and other forms of gymastics, and the Acro Academy gave a radioactive show! We were happy to be a part of it and perform in front of 4000 people.