Acrobatic Gymnastics is a spectacular sport that combines strength, agility, balance and grace. Robin performed at internationals tournaments in Belgium, Poland, Portugal, Germany and even China. She went to the European and World Championships. But then, she trains five days a week for this. Robin thinks the acrobatic gymnastics is VERY important, and she enjoys herself immensely.

Unfortunately Acrobatic Gymnastics as a sport has not have an Olympic Status (yet), which means that the gymnast herself pays for all costs and there is no compensation from the Gymnastics Union KNGU. This means it is sometimes very hard for us to try and save/make the money for her sports-career. Still we really want to do this, because we can see that Robin thinks this is great fun and really important.... after all it's a unique change to be able to perform at this level, and an incredible experience for her.

That is why we are always trying to find new sponsors for Robin.

Through the financial aid of others, we hope that Robin will get the change to keep performing acrobatics at this level, and keep visiting international tournaments. So we are looking for sponsors. Your gift is welcome, whatever amount it is. In exchange we will keep you informed about her progress, and from a contribution of 50 euro's or higher we will put your company logo (or name or logo at choice) on this website!!

Of course we are open to other suggestions and alternatives! Mail to Robin's mother at martine.hooijenga@gmail.com


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Through Talentboek, a crowdfunding website,
lot's of people were able to give small gifts to
get David & Robin (mixpair DaRo) to China!

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