TSH stands for Turncentrum Sportstad Heerenveen, literally translated Artistic Gymnastics Centre Sportscity Heerenveen. When I was almost 6 years old, my gym teacher let me go there and train with the talents. I thought it was AMAZING. Instead of playing games, this was real artistic gymnastics. Apparently they also thought I was good enough to join, so I trained two times a week in their pre-entrylevel talentgroup. On my 8th birthday, I got a test training in the international talent-level division. I passed, and participated in the talent-level selection in the season 2010-2011. I really learned a lot with TSH! You could earn stickers for every new skill you mastered. I participated in five competitions, but only won medals in one : the Bosan Cup. I did not qualify for the Dutch Championship Artistic Gymnastics, and when I was told there were too many gymnasts my age in the talent group and I would be let off, I decided to transfer to Acrobatic Gymnastics.


Youth Selection TSH