Mare Blaam & Fei Oudhof

With Mare Blaam and Fei Oudhof I started a new chapter in my acrobatics: I became a Senior Gymnast. We did exiting new feats like tripple salto's and impressive human towers. I experienced a fracture in my hand / thumb that season, but was healed (well, kinda) just in time for our last chance of qualifying for the World Championships 2020. And we did qualify, with the highest score of the day. Unfortunately, that was the only competition. Shortly afterwards we went into lockdown because of covid-19. So I never got to go to the cancelled Senior Worlds.


Anna Koster


When I made the switch from top to base, my new partner became Anna Koster. We started our partnership in Youth (<15) with gold at Valentijnscup and bronze at Maia International Acro Cup, and after a near-miss in Age Group I at World Championships 2018 in Belgum (4th place) we reached the Silver medal 🥈 at the European Championships 2019 in Israël in Age Group II. We were so proud! We also did lots of performances, even for thousands of people in Ziggo Dome at "Touch of Gold".


David Hozeman


With David Hozeman I had a wonderful time. Together we had lots of competitions, and we went to both the European Championships 2015 in Germany (where we scored 0,25 too little to go to finals) and the World Championships 2016 in China, where we scored enough for finals but only one Dutch team was allowed. We also had a wonderful TV-performance in our countries Got Talent! So many memories.

Jessy Huiting & Maud Niessink


We started our season late, because Jessy went to the Europeans in octobre. But we had a great start and on our first competition (Zeestern in Belgium) we got a bronze medal. Unfortunately, shortly after that, we had a fall during training where Jessy got seriously injured. We tried to be ready for the last qualifications for the Dutch Championships, but did not make it.


Maud Niessink & Elise DeBruine


In a stroke of bad luck, Elise injured her foot early in the season and was plagued by injuries throughout the acro-year. Our first international competition did not go very well, but we kept working and improving and in the end managed to qualify for the Dutch Championships, where we finished seventh.

Stein Briggen


For Stein, his partnership with me was his first year as a base, and with Stein I set my first steps in Acrobatics. But even though it was a first for both of us, it was a pretty succesful year! We got medals in Belgium and Poland, and got silver in the Dutch Championships.