Shows & Performances

(Not in chronological order)

A Touch of Gold – Ziggo Dome

Photo: Jan de Koning

On the 28th of december 2018 there was a big End-of-Year celebration of gymnastics: "A Touch of Gold". Organised by our nations gymnastics federation KNGU, big names from our own country and big international stars worked together to bring a variety of gymnastics sports. I was very flattered being asked for this major event, held in the Ziggo Dome in front of thousands of people. Anna Koster and I performed in both shows.


Hollands Got Talent – Television

Screenshot TVshow Holland's Got Talent

In februari 2016 we performed for our nation's TV show "Holland's Got Talent". David Hozeman and I had made a variation on our normal performance, making it more suitable for show instead of competition. The studio audience loved it, and the four judges were very impressed with our routine, with Dan Karaty calling us "sensational" and commenting about our "really good connection to each other". We got four resounding YESses and were really happy..... but then later heard from the editors that too many acts had yesses, and we were blocked from going to semi-finals. The show we were in aired on national television in april of that year.


Turngala Leek

Photo: Jan de Koning

The Turngala in the city of Leek was a recurring event showcasing the best types of gymnastics in the country. I performed with my previous club Adonis in 2014 with two group shows. I won a competition to perform in 2015 with two friends. And then in 2017 and 2018 I got to perform with my current club Acro Academy, giving more amazing group shows.


Verloterij – Grand Finale

Photo: Martijn Vrij

Our club Acro Academy tried something else as a fundraiser in 2019. We set up a great lottery event. People could buy tickets and could win big prizes like a holiday home, a car or a vacation. It was an amazing event. We managed to sell ALL 33.000 tickets and held a grand finale show where people could come and watch the drawing of the winning tickets live. Ofcourse a lottery draw for our club would be nothing without some great acrobatic shows!


Artistic Gymnastics meets


Sometimes we were invited to give demonstrations of Acrobatic Gymnastics during the international competitions of Artistic Gymnastics. It was a great way to show the Artistic Gymnastics fans that there is more to gymnastics than just what they are used to! We always received very enthousiastic replies from the audience.


U19 Korfball World Cup

Photo from website Korfball World Cup, photographer unknown to us

This World Cup in 2015 was a great experience, because Korfball and Acrobatics seemed to have so little in common. But we were received very well by the korfball crowd!! We performed two group-shows here, and yes: that is me up in the sky!




The Street Festival of Easterbarren is a yearly festival that is both a market and a cultural event. In august 2015 my club Adonis was invited as one of the performers there. We did small shows with a few gymnasts, I performed my routines with David Hozeman, and we also staged one of our major group shows.


Polderhoofdkanaal – Canal opening

Photographer unknown to us

The "Polderhoofdkanaal" ,a canal that goes through many local villages, was re-opened in 2015 after a lot of work. It was a festive opening, and on bridges  along the length of the canal all kinds of events were staged. With a few other gymnasts we danced and did work on the poles, while VIP's floated by in boats.


“Vrouw” – Convention


This was one of the first shows that I performed. We were invited to show our acrobatic skills during a fashion show at the "Vrouw" convention in Leeuwarden in 2013. This convention was especially for Women, and lots of stands and companies were there. We performed on the catway and I really liked it!


Roden annual fair


The organisers of the annual fair of the town of Roden invited my former club Adonis to perform in 2013. I participated in small poles-demonstrations on the mats and on the stage, and also in a bigger show. Yes, that's me being thrown from side to side!


Gympower Sportsmedia – GymIt!


A lot more recent, in 2018, we performed at the annual meeting of Gympower Sportsmedia, where sports professionals from all over the country came. We gave some demonstrations. and also helped an acrobatic coach by demonstrating some skills for his workshop. It was a great experience.


Kracht & Vriendschap – 100 year celebration


When gymnastics club "Kracht & Vriendschap" (Power & Friendship) celebrated it's 100 year existence in 2013, they invited our club to perform some big shows. This is a memorable show for me, as all the time this closed chest was standing there. No one knew my team hid in there. In the middle of the show, the chest suddenly slams open and I am being thrown out of it (but safely catched ofcourse)! People were very impressed by this unexpected feat!


Refugee workshop


This may not have been an impressive show, but still is worth mentioning. During the refugee crisis of 2015 in our country, a lot of refugee families were temporarily sheltered in a sports venue while trying to create more space in our refugee centres. Along with other gymnast friends we went there to give the refugee children some gymnastics workshops, and help them temporarily forget the situation they were in.